Wednesday, 6 December 2017

We have moved

You will find all new blogs on the new Mr Andrews Online website:

Design. Create. Inspire.
The Mr Andrews Online Creative Computing Curriculum is packed full of great ideas to bring learning to life and introduce real-world skills to the classroom. Members using the scheme will benefit from ongoing networking with other teaching professionals in the collaborative area and be able to share best examples from their own classrooms inspired by the projects. Schools can raise the profile of effective use of technology in school with Digital Leaders.
  • Full coverage of the Computing Curriculum with over 120 activities
  • Connections to real world learning skills
  • Clear progression of skills between KS1, LKS2 and UKS2
  • Downloadable projects which will fit with existing topics and can be adapted to support many subjects
  • Access to collaborative space to share and discuss new ideas
  • Network with other like-minded teachers
  • Have access to examples from the classroom for every activity
  • Fully resourced projects with videos, eBooks project examples, design sheets, templates, challenges and so much more
  • Easy to follow app, classroom and terminology guides for every level of confidence
  • Digital Leader resources and area

If you’re looking to do something innovative with your computing curriculum then contact: or use the contact form HERE

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