Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Global Screen Casting Project

Since meeting Greg Kulowiec at last year’s EdTechTeacher iPad Summit in Atlanta we have been able to experience the real opportunities for global collaboration for both students and education professionals. Greg is currently working on an exciting “Global Screencasting Project” which has huge potential for learners of all ages and we are encouraging everyone we work with to get involved. The project maximises the capacity of the iPad/Android screencasting app “Explain Everything” which was designed by Dr Reshan Richards, Director of Educational Technology, Montclair Kimberley Academy, New Jersey.
This re-blogged post was written by Greg and published on his blog The History 2.0 Classroom  outlines the project and explains how to get involved. Have a go! Collaborating on projects created in Explain Everything and shared via Dropbox/Google Drive is the tip of the iceberg for groundbreaking transformational outcomes. What can be achieved now that was previously inconceivable? Participation in this project will go some way towards beginning to answer that question.
Global Screencasting Project: Alphabet X Explain Everything

Welcome to the Global Alphabet Screencast!

The purpose of this experiment is to explore the capabilities of global collaboration facilitated through the use of iPads as a screen casting device. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the global alphabet screencast by simply selecting one letter of the alphabet and creating a short (30 second or less) screencast that captures the meaning, essence or unique perspective on that particular letter. This project would not be possible without the creation and thoughtful development of Explain Everything.

Created in Explain Everything: One of the contributions to the project

How does one contribute?
Create a short screencast (30 seconds or less) about one letter of the alphabet. Explain, describe, narrate, animate, sing, recite a short poem about or provide insight into any letter of your choice. Each screencast will then be merged and compiled into one world wide English alphabet screencast that will be published online (YouTube & Vimeo) for the entire world to view.

Please watch this short video tutorial if you are not sure how to upload and share an Explain Everything project through Google Drive or Dropbox.
NOTE: If your school Google Apps domain does not allow for sharing of work outside of the domain you may have to use a private / individual Google Drive account to share. You may also upload your Explain Everything project to Dropbox & share the link to the file.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Any educator, classroom, student or administrator is welcome to contribute!

Due Date: March 31st, 2014 (tentative)

Publishing Date: TBD - the goal is to combine and publish one week after the due date. The final project will be published on both YouTube and Vimeo.

Resources Required:
1. iPad
2. Explain Everything
3. Google Drive or Dropbox
4. Creativity

Sign up Process:
Complete the Google Form below. Please select one letter of the alphabet as indicated by the first drop-down menu. I will include four (4) screencasts per letter in the final project and will do my best to update the Google Form by removing any letters from the drop-down menu that have been successfully completed.
If you are a younger student submitting you may wish to use your teacher’s name in the name field below. Names are only being collected to assign proper attribution once the project is complete.

Click HERE to sign up via the Google Form

Submitting Your Screencast:
Option 1: Google Drive1. Upload your Explain Everything PROJECT file to Google Drive. Once uploaded the file should have a .XPL file extension.
2. Name the file: Alphabet Letter - Your Name - State - Country - School Name
3.. Share the Explain Everything PROJECT (.XPL file) to:

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