Monday 29 February 2016

Providing Powerful Writing Opportunities Across the Full Curriculum

Next Steps

It’s a time of transition at Mr Andrews Online. It’s almost 3 years after we started offering training to schools in the form of training courses, school based training days and the extremely popular classroom based CPD days. During that time we have delivered training to over 3,000 teachers and high impact teaching to over 20,000 pupils. As teachers, we have been lucky to work in so many different places and we have never stopped learning, wherever we’ve been.

Powerful Writing Opportunities

One thing we have been doing since we started working in schools across the country is preparing activity plans and resources which support the unique way we teach everything. This has provided us with a vast and extensive bank of resources which support teachers from EYFS to KS2 and introduce exciting and powerful writing opportunities across the full curriculum. At last count there were over 500 writing activities including the best-selling “Rapid Progress for Boys’ Writing (Girls Too!)”, the innovative “Bringing Writing to Life” and the versatile “Inspiring Young Writers” projects.

Sustained Impact

We’ve always been committed to sustained impact from our work in schools. Pupil progress matters to us and we have always had the highest expectations of ourselves and the pupils and teachers we work with. Our resources reflect our teaching approach, our unique creative teaching ideas and provide flexible, adaptable and relevant resources for every class teacher, whether they are using technology or not.

A Shared Vision

Over the last year we have been lucky to work with the company SAS Learning, the school support subsidiary of the Schools Advisory Service (The UK’s leading School Insurer) with the aim of ensuring impact for schools, whilst saving time and money in increasingly challenging times. We are proud to join forces with SAS Learning and feel very excited with the resource for schools that has been created which will be available to schools in the Summer Term. We share a vision with the Schools Advisory Service, we want to make a difference and make things better, we want to help schools make a lasting impact.

Unique Teaching Approach

SAS Learning delivers our unique teaching approach which delivers high standards in every classroom, powerful assessment processes linked to reflection and feedback, a consistent approach and training resource to support professional development for every teacher. The resource also makes the most powerful use of mobile technology in terms of impact on classroom standards. 

Something that Matters

We use the technology when it provides the best tool for the job and achieves the outcomes we are looking for. “Show me something that matters, not just glitters” remains our priority.

We will be sharing blog posts featuring some of the impact, activities and resources of the SAS Learning teaching programme. We are continuing to offer training and support to schools who are looking for whole school impact and want to connect with a movement which is making a difference in lots of schools. We are also presenting our new training course nationally in the summer term which, when combined with the SAS Learning resource, delivers impact, value and world class innovation.

Watch this space!

David Andrews and Chris Williams

Mr Andrews Online

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