Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Making Effective Use of Digital Technology in your Classroom

A key challenge for teachers is not learning how to use technology. It’s recognising the value of what’s possible and then securing a way of making it happen. Finding a compelling reason why technology should be used. Understanding “Why?” and “How?

For 3 years now I have been supporting schools based on my own pedagogical beliefs and values. I want my students to be able to write and write well. To speak confidently and articulately. To read for pleasure and to further their understanding. To collaborate and be able to solve their own problems creatively and to be prepared for their future with a robust combination of knowledge, understanding, skills and resilience.

To achieve this goal there are certain elements of tablet technology that are more effective tools than any other. This principle forms the foundations of the work I share with the hundreds of schools I support. A highly effective pedagogical approach which impacts on all subjects and at all levels, which is aligned with evidence and research.

All of my work in the classroom follows a consistent message and clear method delivering whole school impact.

The team I work with at SAS Learning ( have prepared a comprehensive and powerful online platform which combines training and resources all focused on a tried and tested whole school pedagogical approach. It is based on classroom practice in hundreds of schools and there is no approach, system or methodology it doesn’t seamlessly align with.

If you are a school leader, literacy co-ordinator or manage interventions in your school I would like to invite you to attend one of my free training workshops in the summer term and will show you an exciting way forward to impact on the learning outcomes all of your pupils.

Regional Events:

Wakefield: 23/05/16. Cedar Court Hotel.
Sheffield: 26/05/16. The Holiday Inn Sheffield/Rotherham.
Bolton: 21/06/16. The Holiday Inn, Central.
Nottingham: 27/06/16. The Holiday Inn Nottingham/Derby.
Peterborough: 28/06/16. The Holiday Inn, West.
East London: 05/07/16. University of East London, University Square Stratford.

Book your place here:

Or if you have questions or would like to discuss ways we can work with your school please visit our website or email:

If you can’t attend any of the events keep following this blog, which will continue to feature more posts and examples of the hundreds of SAS Learning resources which lead to classroom impact.

What is the most important goal for your pupils? Would you like to learn a new and easy way to achieve it?

All too often digital technology is introduced without a meaningful pedagogical framework.

This must change. My team has found A new way. A different way. A better way.

David Andrews

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