Sunday 27 October 2013

Sharing Pages Documents Using Airdrop in iOS7


This week pupils at South Cave CE Primary School were collaborating on descriptive writing activities with teacher, Mr Tatton. The classroom has no wi-fi connectivity. Each pupil had an iPad mini and used the new Airdrop feature in iOS 7 to share work with each other and to send finished content to the teacher's iPad for display.


The teacher shared a Pages document with each pupil's iPad using Airdrop. The pupils were able to open the document and followed the prompt, which was to select an image and begin to imagine and describe what it might like to be there. The pupils then shared their work with an agreed partner who provided feedback and improvements before the work was presented to the class in the form of a Tellagami animation (example below).

1) Open Documents

2) Highlight Document

3) Open in another app

4) Choose App

5) Airdrop to other devices

An example from a pupil at South Cave Primary School
The completed documents and animations were sent to the teacher via airdrop. This allowed instant whole class display via the classroom projector. It also gave the teacher a copy of everyone's work for marking, feedback, storing and sharing. This removes any need for Apple TV or a reflection app. The iPad was plugged into the VGA cable of the projector. The restriction that it wasn't available as a mobile classroom visualiser was overcome by the fact that any pupil could instantly share their work via Airdrop.

It really is this easy (all pupils completed the full task during a one hour lesson and none of them had never worked with an iPad in the classroom before)

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